Water is more valuable than oil in many parts of the world. A proposal is now made to present the ionised argon a continuous turbine flow mode and use it to distill fresh water. Nature does it so it should be possible.

Electric heating equal to the internal energy value now goes to a brine heating phase before being restored to the gas. To get started the system would have to be charged far below atmospheric pressure for an acceptable ionisation voltage. An argon-helium mixture might be best for optimum heat transfer properties. Dumping heat enthalpy first would depress the flow temperature for a condensing optimum.


Diagrams (a) and (b) below depict identical nozzles which have a flow rate of M kg/s of water at a velocity of V m/s. (a) impinges on a flat plate and (b) on a semi-circular plate. The Action and Reaction values are shown in terms of the MV Quantum impulse values.

Condition (b) delivers a 2:1 free lunch. Isaac Newtonian “laws of physics” decree that it must be 400% less effective and not 200 but only 50% efficient. This was achieved by keeping the nozzle stationary and only the bucket dynamic. This HALVED the impulse force and QUARTERED the effective output. The free lunch only jumps out when the water is the CARRIED WAVE on the steel bucket CARRIER WAVE. This is the true RELATIVITY that evaded Einstein.


The steel nozzles, arms and buckets of the Diagram 11 turbine can be considered as an Aether carrier wave. Water is the carried wave (light). V = steel nozzle velocity and 2V = ABSOLUTE water velocity and for RMS equilibrium relative V = V. Identical but constantly varying in and out of phase. The basic design equation is MV2 = 2MgH = gross Power torque.

Consider a brake impulse dT on the output shaft of the water turbine. This will CAUSE +dT on the arms, nozzle and buckets. Instantaneously, the water flow FORCE DRIVE EFFECT increases by a value of +2dT.

It is maintained by the constantly resonating Centrifugal-Centripetal/leading-lagging action of the “water hammering” in the turbine arms. The result is that every unit of brake power is automatically followed by 2 units of drive power.... The power torque output curve is as the sine wave rippling of an electric DC battery.

Choose R = 300 mm at f = 30 rps or 1800 rpm. V will be 2PR30 = 56.5 m/s and 6 nozzles at 40 mm each will pass 426 kg/s. MgH = Mv2/2 nett output = 426x56.52/2 = 689 kW, Multiply by 1.875 for a stationary vane feature and output is 1.29 MW. We do not have to subtract the Pump Work from the output. More is possible but too greedy at this stage. The self pump work is internal and of magnitude MgH = 689 kW. The Bernoulli water flow energy conservation is wrong. H + Z + V2/2g = K. This is Power not Energy. Once again spin has been ignored and the whole Newtonian system comes crashing down.