This proposal makes a direct analogy between the turbine water or gas flow rate and that of a fixed steel flywheel. Steel is given the degrees of freedom to float freely and spin on the main shaft. Just as water in the turbine pump arms is not connected to the steel arms and can lead and lag as it floats.

Institutionalised science begins an analysis of mass motion by stopping and freezing an event into a zero period of time. Every event in the Universe has a finite period of time. This stopping of time for the convenience of analysis hides the true nature of the cause and effect of all events. It only delivers 50% of the real potential of Nature ..... E = Mc2 not Newtonian Mc2 /2?

Consider the flywheel in diagram (b). If brought to a sudden impact stop it will deliver up MV2 of Power in Watts. The Power input to keep it spinning may be as low as 0.25 MV2 Watts.

Coloured areas above and below the mean R (radius of gyration) indicate the "leading and "lagging" nature of the spin forces. It is very important. Diagram (c) shows the vector analysis for (b). It is identical to and better than 50% of what we are looking for. It is impossible to get from (c) to (a) if we allow the spin to stop. We have to find a way to maintain motion and at the same time, "extract discreet packets of power torque Quanta", from a system that automatically recovers them.

Pinions A that carry the steel mass M must mimic the carried and carrier wave action of the water and gas turbines. This is why they are designed to have a pcd velocity of 2V. They hit the output pinion which is moving AWAY at velocity V. The impact drive force is given by Liza Simpson and …….

F = M(2V-V) multiply by V for output power torque of MV2 once again.