Diagram 6

All atoms are such devices and they have a fission-fusion output-input of light. Diagram 3 shows a transfer of charge mass from A to B. If I make this an oscillation between the states of proton-neutron it makes the diagram universally key to everything. BBC TV scientists are now saying this can happen but they cannot say more unless they admit to where the information came from. Not directly from this site but there is a Cambridge astro-physicist who has had key data for fourteen years. He wrote me a note to say it was 'very important to the missing literature of physics'.

Diagram 6 is a presentation of a new standard atomic model. One to resolve the mind blowing paradox of wave-particle duality, indeterminacy and the nature of a strong and weak force. All states exist within an interval of one periodic time. A tiny event at light speed is 'instantaneous'. With wrong laws of physics how do physicists dare to publish the parameters for Unification. This is why Einstein died frustrated and in failure.


If the phase power factor angle for light is 89.99924° this would represent Einstein's light bend angle of 2.73 seconds of arc. Making an educated guess:-
A strong force = tan 89.99924 x weak g force gives a 75,538:1 ratio.


This has to be a better approach than the pronouncements of faith that are the fundamental diet of physicists. The latter have steadily infiltrated and interbred with engineers. They wanted a share of the new innovation money but lacked the experience and ability to earn it in a practically useful manner.

The diagram below represents the behaviour of the unified atomic mass unit defined by physicists as the atom having a single nucleus. This AMU now has states of a, b, c and d which represent the beginning ... to the end ... and beginning again of ONE periodic time (T=1/f) and is contained within ONE wave length (l) and the velocity of light c = fl.

The cycle has 3 degrees of ENERGY spin freedom and 2 of POWER reciprocation. A ratio of (3+2)/3 =1.66 ratio for a noble monatomic gas.

The magnetic wave fission followed by the electric particle fusion is an essential behaviour for the existence of light.